Sunday, November 10, 2013

Vision Airlines - flight from Clearwater, FL to Gulfport, MS - short impression

Vision Airlines St Pete to Gulfport in July 2013
We travel a lot and we traveled with many different Airlines over the years. Long flights, short flights, shuttle flights. We saw it all. So last month we did our first trip with Vision Airlines. Our flight was from St. Pete/Clearwater Airport in Florida to Gulfport, Mississippi.
This was part of a trip to The Beau Rivage Casino. Something we like to do on a regular basis.
Checking in was as easy as it can get. The Vision Airline service people were fast, friendly and in a good mood. You are allowed one carry on and one personal and even better, the check in luggage was for free. We took our golf clubs and both hard cases were for free also. If that was because we had a sponsored flight from a Casino, I do not know. If you are paying for the flight I would suggest you ask the booking agent if there is any cost. They have two check in lines. That is sufficient and they are no different to any major Airline.

I am not sure which location that is, but I just wanted to show the fact , that even though it is a small Airline, it is nicely organized. Both Clearwater and Gulfport are nice and clean check in area.

The flight was boarding exactly on time and without a doubt, it was smooth, fast and again with friendly personal. I felt welcome and enjoyed being greeted with a smile.
The airplanes are smaller and very simple. Boeing 767 or 737. But they are clean and in good shape and order. This flight had leather seats. Clearly not a new plane. This plane had some stories to tell. The seats are not the newest and most comfortable. But I thought it was plenty of room and functionality for this flight, which is not more than a shuttle service flight.
I found the bathrooms clean and stocked. Sufficient for the purpose.
The flight was short , but in that short time they offered great service. Providing free drinks ( cocktails only) and non alcoholic beverages. The flight attendants were friendly, fun and nothing like what I saw before on some major airline flights of similar length. We had great fun and actually enjoyed the trip. As a little snack we received some pretzels. Nothing which can curb your hunger, but it goes well with the drink. The most interesting part was the money game, where you can put a $ bill ( 1, 5, 10 or 20) in a bag after writing your seat number on it and then they draw a winner. This is exciting and gets you in gambling mode. There is some good money in some of the bags. The flight was fast, smooth and good organized.
When we arrived we were directed to the buses which were waiting for us to take us to the hotel. No delay, no complications.
Our luggage was transferred to the hotel right away and available after only 2 hours. Over all. Vision Airlines made a great impression on this flight and we look forward to fly with them again. Booking and making reservations I can not review. We booked ours through a promotion from a third party, but everything was as I expected it.
When flying Vision Airlines you should not expect luxury or the newest models of airplanes. Also you you should not expect full food service. But what you can expect is, fast and friendly service, on-time travelling fair pricing for the value.
We are certainly planning to use Vision Airlines  again when going to Biloxi to spend time at the Beau Rivage or any other hotel for  that matter. With or without any special offer, this is a great way to travel to Mississippi from Tampa Bay Area or even West Coast area.

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