Monday, November 18, 2013

China Buffet - 4329 Cleveland Aveneu, Suite 501, Fort Myers, FL 33901 - short review November 17th 2013

In Fort Myers you will find endless options to go eat. But sometimes when you are in a hurry, you got to take what is coming along.

That is what we did November 17th 2013. After arriving at a closed Greek place we said we will try for Chinese Buffet if we find one. This time we did the GPS get lucky thing and found a few. While driving we saw a Hooters restaurant and right next to it we saw a sign : China Buffet.

Pulled right into the parking lot. When coming to the door we saw it will be open until 9 30 pm and it was 8 50 pm. The hostess who greeted us was friendly and when I asked her if we can still get in to eat, she said yes with a smile. A man sitting at a table next to us was not so excited about us being there.

I looked over to the Buffet and saw that there was still plenty of food in the trays. So I was OK with it. We did not even ask for the price. Our server was friendly and asked us what we want to drink.
Got the cokes pretty fast. Then off to the Buffet.

There was a selection of items, but you could see that they did not put any fresh items out for a while.
Of all items I had the soup was the hottest and pretty much the best. Most of the fried stuff like egg rolls and dumplings were dried out and had no taste to it.

The Sushi was good, but there was only 2 items out and when I came for seconds at 9 05 pm, all of the Sushi was put away. The only reason I got some muscles in the cold bar was that I stopped the guy taking them away while I was getting good.

The salad bar I did not try. Was not much there but that looked fresh. Then I went on to the main dishes. The Peking Duck looked good and the taste was good, but it was absolutely cold. The sauce was very good though. All the chicken dishes were OK and almost hot. But nothing special. The orange chicken and the general Tsao chicken tasted the same. The beef dish was not worth the while. Noodles were OK, fried rice tasted good but also was cold.

I tried pretty much all thing but the fish and the crab. I figured that they must have been out too long and I did not want to take a chance. Christiane tried the pudding and liked that the best.

Our server was great. She came 2 times and asked if things are OK and if we needed more coke. That was very nice. We ordered the check pretty fast. The atmosphere and the way it all looked. it was not a place to sit and chat. Also the people where starting vacuuming, cleaning and the guy who was putting away stuff was jumping up in joy when we ordered the check.

The check. Yeah. The entire experience cost us 28 $. If the food would have been any good or the atmosphere cozy and nice I would understand to pay that price. However, the Buffet was not worth more then 6.95 $ each and until today I do not understand the bill LOL. However, we gave the server a very good tip because she was nice , friendly and had a smile all the way and actually thanked us for being there, which nobody else in this place did.

If you want Chinese Buffet in Fort Myers, The China Buffet on Cleveland Avenue is not the place to go. There is a chance that because they closed within 40 minutes of our arrival some things might have happened. But friendly, if you can not keep up your service and standard all the way to the end of your posted hours, don't open a restaurant.

We are back on the road for now , but will be back next week and see where we are going to eat then. Gladly will we share our experiences so you can save yourself some time and money :). We are Germans and travelled all over the World and have tons of experience in terms of food. So we know what to expect when we go eat somewhere. So I think our point of view is pretty simple and not over picky. Comments and communications are always welcome and I will keep writing as we go , try, test and buy.

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