Thursday, October 3, 2013

Octoberfest at the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus in Holmes Beach , FL 2013

My first review of any restaurant in our area was about the Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus.
Wolfgang and Brigitte Jahn, the owners of this cozy place now started the Oktoberfest. Running through October.
I have tried many of the food items at their restaurant and found some favorites of mine. The menu they put together for this time certainly looks great as well and I will for sure try some of the food items and the beer.
Surely I will write an article about it. But for now I would like to share the menu and encourage you to stop by and give it a shot. Check out my review to find out when they are open and make sure to make reservations. You never know when it is all full.

Oktoberfest Menu for Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus in Holmes Beach , FL

My favorite beer is the original Oktoberfest beer from Hackerpschorr.
You for sure need to try the Bratwurst delight. One of my favorites and not only does it look good , but the bratwurst is authentic and made just right.

Let me know if you where there and what you thought about the food and the beer. After my next visit I will write again. Check out my first review to learn about the service and how I feel about the place.