Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hardrock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida - Roxy Suite 622 Photos and short review July 19th and 20th

Whenever I am on a road trip for a golf tournament we try to stay in Casino Hotels if possible. There are several reasons for that, but nothing to be talked about in this little article.

Last weekend I played in Fort Lauderdale yet again. This is one of my favorite areas to play as it is close to the Hollywood Hardrock Casino Hotel in Hollywood, Florida.

I like this place with all the gambling, restaurants, action and especially the pool and bar area.

Although we are not the biggest gamblers in town, we seem to spend enough time in those Casinos eating, drinking and some gambling so we get invited for weekend stays.

This time we got the opportunity to book the "Roxy Suite". It sounded like fun and was a room we never had before at this hotel. So took advantage of the offer.

I was hoping that this room was a) nicely furnished and decorated and b) had a view towards the big water pond in front of the casino with its fountains and lights. After all we were on the 6th floor this time ( we were as high as 13 before) and not on the 3rd from which you literally only see the roof of the casino.

After a quick and smooth check-in we arrived at our home for two days.

Walking in it looked almost the same as the King Bed Room we had a few weeks earlier on the 3 floor. See first two photos:

Entrance looking towards window and seating area.
Prints of some rock legends on the right with dimming lights. Nice touch

The lay out and furniture actually looked the same as in the other room. Not even sure it was any different at all. Next photos.

Wardrobe in middle of photo as seen on the left when coming in. On left Keurig Coffee machine.
TV Table with big screen TV ( plenty of channels and options) On right side is the bar which is fully stocked.
Seating area with table. Wine glasses and drink glasses as well as ice bucket provided. Nice glass table.
View from seating area to front door
Very comfortable chair to the right of seating area and towards bed.
King Size Bed. Excellent mattress. Luggage stand. Radio with alarm provided on the nightstand as well.
Entrance to bathroom
All what  you saw I found very nicely organized. Clean and in good shape. Bar was stocked ( they told us we can not move anything in it or we will be charged). Coffee was stocked and coffee area was clean.
To me the entire area was practical and nice.
The bathroom was the difference to the regular room. It was bigger and had not only a separate huge shower and bathtub but also a toilet with it's own door. See following photos:
Large Duo Sink area.
Large Tub

Large shower with bench, which I thought is a nice feature.
Separate Toilet
I have to say that I liked the bathroom. It was much bigger than the other one and certainly it is nice to have separate tub, shower and toilet.
Although I did not check everything in terms of craftsmanship I have to say that in the bathroom you could see that it was not very well done. The tiles were not exact and the grout was done very unprofessional. Nothing you would expect in a room which cost between 129 and 750 a night depending on events and season.
See following photos:

Not sure if you can see it , but clearly it was done in a hurry and not well on top of it. But I found over the years, that tile jobs are not done well at all , even in the best hotels and restaurants. Which always raised questions in my mind about the management and owners of establishments.
We did have a nice view. Of which I only have a photo at daytime. It was much nicer at night. With the lights and the fountain on. But never the less, it was a view on the water !
You can see the water. At night the buildings have some colored lights and to the right you can see the water fountain. A nice touch and it is nice to sit at night and have a glass of wine or so.
I liked the Roxy Suite. It looked nice, had a view and the bathroom really was very comfortable. As always the mattress was excellent. A nice feature also was the do not disturb button. No more hanging signs.
Over all the Roxy Suite 622 at the Hardrock Casino Hotel in Hollywood, Florida is a nice room. Close to the elevator as well as the ice machine ( which did not work for almost 14 hours though).
The view as acceptable and most important. All was clean. Certainly I would not pay 800 dollars for it. Maybe up to 300 . But it is all a question of demand. We did not have to pay for it at all and enjoyed our two day stay very much.
If you like a little more comfort and are willing to put out a few more $, the Roxy Suite might be an option.
Have you stayed in other suites of this hotel?