Friday, March 27, 2015

Cooke real estate school 14 hour continuing education course for Florida licensees

I am holding my real estate license for a long time. Had a license in different states and different countries. To be able to do so I took many classes and passed many exams.
Currently living in Florida I have the Florida real estate license for sales associates.
Part of having this license in Florida is to do continuing education every 2 years. Now the particular course I did this time is for licensees who hold there license for at least 4 years. Meaning that it is the second renewal period.
This time I picked an offer from Cooke Real Estate Schools. They started sending me offers for this course long time before my renewal due date. The price was by far the best 14.95$.
I went to their website, found my course, paid with credit card and received 2 emails within minutes. It was very simple to find what I needed and to submit payment. The two emails I received were:
1. Confirmation of my sign up and payment
2. Password and instructions
I signed in right away to make myself familiar with the system.
The page I was directed to was super simple. Showed me links to the ebook for studying, email to instructor ....
Also status of course and a link to the final exam. As a matter of fact you could take the final exam right there.
I decided to go through text book first. Although it is not a problem to fail ( you can take it again right away at no extra charge), I am not a fan of wasting time.
Ebook was a PDF file. Easy to navigate and with all needed information. Not sure if I took 14 hours to read it, but you are not clocked so it does not matter.
Once ready for the exam I clicked on the link and started. You do not have to finish in one sitting and are able to save and finish later. So there is absolutely no pressure.
I answered all questions, but noted the ones which I was not sure about. Then I saved my work and went back to the textbook to check my answers.
Once I was sure about all 29 answers I gave ( multiple choice system) I submitted the form. Few seconds later I got my result. Passed. You need 75% of 29 questions.
You can print out the confirmation  and put it in your file. Cooke school will send the completion certificate to the Department.
Cooke Real Estate School is definitely a great way to go when you need to get the 14 hour continuing education for FL real estate done. I will pick them again next time.
Did you do any exams with them? How did you like it. Always glad to hear about experiences others had.