Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seminole Casino & Hotel in Immokalee , Florida 2 nights in Room 421 July 26 and 27

We stayed a few times in the newly build hotel in Immokalee. Probably about 6 times.

On this particular weekend mentioned above we had a two night stay planned yet again.

As always we arrived in the afternoon, just a little bit after the beginning of check in at 4 pm. It all depends on how you booked your hotel room how late your can actually check in. We recommend to always call them if you are running later than the time posted on line or on your reservation.

After a few not so smooth check in experiences, this time it all went pretty fast and without incidents.

Room 421 is a 4th floor room. We like to be close to the stairs which lead to the pool. So towards the end of the building. The hotel is not very big. So it is not a long ways to reach the elevator to the casino and the ice machine which is located on that floor as well.

Note: There is two ice machines. 1st floor and 4th floor. When you make reservations you should consider that if you know that you will need ice.

Once you reach your room I think you will pleasantly surprised. The rooms are large and have very high ceilings. The furnishing is very nice, floors are excellent and as in all other casino hotels this one also has very comfortable beds.

Check out the photos below and read some more comments. Also you can watch a video.

Hallway from elevator towards your room. You can see the end of it. Not a long building
View entering your room. The rooms have a lot of light if the curtains are open, which they were on this particular day.
Bathroom in this lay out is on the right. Some rooms are opposite but look the same. It is all new and was well stocked every single time were at this hotel. Very nice shower.
Shower head is pretty high. I love this one. It trickles nicely on you. Very relaxing. Like standing in the rain.
Toilets in this hotel are small and low. But they are in order and you have plenty of space.
Coming in you saw the TV and desk on the left. This is a nice big space. Great for work, putting your stuff down. Lots of room and I think it is tasteful. On this photo you see a door to the left. That is the refrigerator.
It is a small fridge, but it is nice to have it. Bring your own drinks and food and have snacks ready to go.
Remember it is small. So do not bring too much. Couple things to say about it. It is not cooling fast and when you open the door you feel warm air coming out. It seems they did not add an opening in the back to vent the fridge.
You will find a Keurig coffee maker. Nice feature. They give you 4 portions, but when you ask you will get more for free. You could also bring your own if you use the same maker. It is nice that they have real cups. Even the Hardrock in Hollywood has plastic cups ( which has advantages as well).

This is a nice corner. The large King Bed and a seating area. Very comfortable. Plenty of light. Love the bed. Really good quality. I have a bad back at times and there is absolutely no problem when I sleep on this bed.
The view is not exciting, but it is also not bad. you see some green belt behind the parking lot.
This is the view from the window towards the entrance door.
The room is tastefully furnished. Other things you will find is the ice bucket and glasses, table for your suite case ( right at entrance) and a nice radio alarm clock.
The rooms at the Seminole Immokalee Casino and Hotel seem to be all very similar. At least we found that all of our rooms looked the same. Different paintings on the wall. But all other things are consistent. That is nice. You know what you get.
Everything worked great. Lights, TV, fridge , coffee maker and so on. But This is to be expected in a pretty much new hotel.
Room services is available. There is a binder with all the info. We did not try any food in the room, so I can not write about it.
The girls who service the rooms are all very friendly and do a good job. If you are really nice you get some chocolate on your pillow.
Wifi is free. They are now writing the info on the card which comes with your room keys. Nice. Not too long ago you had to call them.
We had a nice and quite stay. The first morning we woke up to the alarm which told us to get dressed and leave the building. But employees in reasonable time determined that it was a false alarm. I did not think it was a big deal. It can happen.
Charging your drinks and food to the room now works without problems. That is also an improvement. I will need to write a Casino review to give you a better overview.
For now I can see. This specific room was as good as the other rooms we had. Room 421 is a great room if you want to be close to the pool using the stairs. If you can not walk good, this room will be too far from the elevator.
Last: The ice machine here worked excellent. If you read my review about the Roxy Suite at the Hardrock Hollywood you know that the ice machine there was out of order for 24 hours.
In all, this is a nice place to stay in Immokalee, which otherwise does not offer much in terms of hotel. The room rates are between 109 and 299. Depends on the season and on the day. Best is when you get a comp room. 299 would not be an option for us to pay for this room. 109 is a fair price.
Luckily we get invitations for free rooms. That makes it an even better stay !
Have you been at the Seminole Casino Hotel in Immokalee? Comments are welcome. Keep it short and to the point. All this info is to help people to get a better idea and make a better decision.