Friday, November 1, 2013

Best Buy on 14th St in Bradenton, FL - Phone upgrade

Best Buy Store
4210 14th St W
Bradenton, FL 34205
Phone: 941-755-8969

After waiting almost 1 year after I was eligible to upgrade my phone, I finally had to give in.
My phone just did not make it anymore. But I will not go into detail about the phone or even about my service provider. Also I will not elaborate about the phone I actually bought today.

But I will give a short description about my shopping experience.

Before I do that I want to say that I worked for cell phone companies as a very successful sales agent and a leading customer service manager. In stores as well as in the field.

After hours of research I found the phone I wanted. Next I looked for the best deal and Best Buy by far had the best sale going on. So we took off down the street to 14th St. This Best Buy location is not only close to our house but it also is a place where I had good experiences in the past.

I knew exactly what I want and since it was an upgrade, I did not have any question in regards to the plan or service provider as well.

As always we were greeted at the door in a friendly matter and with a smile. Walked straight to the cell phone department. This is usually a very busy place. But today I got lucky and only 2 customers where ahead of me.

We found an associate and asked him if they have the phone in stock. He was very friendly and checked if they did. They had 2 phones available and one in the color I liked.

Next he brought me to the service station where I was introduced to a young man and told that he will finish the transaction.

This young man also had a big smile on his face and was very friendly. He asked me a couple questions about what I want to do and then went right to work.

While entering the information we had a nice conversation about phones, travelling and looked at a couple accessories. I felt very relaxed and felt that this associate  wanted  to help me and  had sufficient knowledge to do so.

All together it took only 5 minutes to get the entire deal done and we paid right at this service station.

After a friendly farewell we were on our way. I love it.

Upgrading my phone at Best Buy at 14th St. in Bradenton, FL was a breeze and actually enjoyable. The associate was friendly, knowledgeable and absolutely did not push anything on me. Very pleasant I must say. He could feel that I knew exactly what I wanted and did not make any attempt to change my mind. He appreciated that I was a very well informed customer and realized while talking to me, that I had extensive knowledge about the phones, the systems and so on. No doubt in my mind, that this young man would try to get you exactly what you need without trying to sell you what is good for the store.

So if you need to get a cell phone, sign up for service or do an upgrade. Best Buy at 14th St in Bradenton, FL is a good address to do so.

But I do have to mention, that I got lucky today. 2 years ago we were there for a different upgrade for family and it took about 1 hour. It was around Christmas and it was extremely busy. To me, it is worth the wait. Getting good and friendly service and feeling appreciated to me is big deal and for that I stand gladly in any line.


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