Friday, June 12, 2015

Cafe Beignet - New Orleans : Bourbon Street Location , Visit in April 2015 - Food review

We have been to New Orleans a few times now. To me that is one of the most fascinating cities in the US. We did a lot of walking and sight seeing in this town and enjoyed every minute of it.

One of the things I always liked to do , is walk up and down Bourbon Street one time each visit. Just walk it and look at the businesses, hotels and people. While doing that I usually have a beer or two.

Also a regular stop was and will be Café Beignet. Café Beignet sits in the back of a court yard where you can find some live music. Local artists of all kind playing music which at times brings you back into the good all times of this vibrant city.

What we usually did was to walk in, listen to the music and have a beer. Walking into the court yard is like leaving the city. Really interesting feeling. You listen to the music and at times forget that  you are in the middle of a big town.

We never really ate anything there. But this time we came with family including a child. So after walking for over an hour in the heat, all were hungry and thirsty. We decided to try out some of the items on the menu.

We ordered a couple omelette , a sandwich and beignets. Had some beer and coffee with it.

I had the ham and cheese omelette. The other omelette was the crawfish. The sandwich was called Mufalletta.

Took about 10 minutes to get the food. I was disappointed with the presentation of the items. There were just thrown on to some plastic plates and neither garnished or even orderly placed.

The food itself was fresh and hot but of low quality. Not even worth to go into detail of the items. One might think that for the price you pay, you might get some better quality items which are prepared in an appetizing way.

The Beignets were the only item which were OK. Rest of the food was not worth the money. Coffee was good and all other drinks were good as well.

While I liked and like the spot to visit and listen to music, I certainly will never eat there again. The prices are to high for what they offer. Seems like a full blown tourist trap to me. And we stepped right into it although not being real tourists.

If you walk Bourbon Street in New Orleans, I would suggest to stop by this music plaza and enjoy a cold drink while listening to the music and enjoying the atmosphere which reminded me of a little court yard in Paris.

I would not suggest to eat much there. Maybe the bakery items. But you will find better food not far from there.

Who has been to the Café Beignet on Bourbon Street and what was your food experience?

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