Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ole Biloxi Fillin Station - great place for oysters and beer in Biloxi, MS - Dinner April 6th 2015

We visited Biloxi ,MS a lot over the past 6 years. Mostly we stayed at the Beau Rivage and jumped Casinos. If not doing that we took road trips or played golf. Although we read about the historic town a few times, we were under the impression , that there is not much going on. So when we walked, we walked along the beach or the main roads to the casinos.
Last weekend, April 5th to April 8th we visited Biloxi yet again. This time with a different plan, which included the exploration of old down town.
Last Monday we then decided to  check out historic downtown at last and see what is going on there. Totally forgetting that it was Easter Monday. Naturally all stores and shops were closed. So we walked through this part pretty quickly.
 After walking for some time we saw what looked to us like an old gas station which was converted into a bar and restaurant. From the get go I liked the feel of it.
Seemed like a great idea to try something new and we needed to find a place for some supper anyhow. Walked under the old gas station canopy and found us a table. We were lucky to find a table as it was pretty busy. Seemed like a lot of locals were eating and drinking there, which always is a good sign.
Only took a few minutes for a server to greet us and to take the order for drinks. Alicia was very friendly and took the time to explain the beer selection to me. I ordered a local beer. Some family followed and others had some soft drinks.
The menu was pretty interesting. Immediately I noticed that they had three different Oyster Meals. That appealed to me and it seemed a specialty from them. Alicia did not take long to bring out the drinks and took the order while there.
Again she answered all questions and the ordering process was a breeze. I had fresh Oysters and hand made fries while other orders were Oysters baked with bacon and Parmesan, the house burger and chicken stripes. Also we ordered one side of coleslaw.
The food came within reasonable time and all at once. This is always good. I do not like when meals are brought out with big time gaps. So we all started eating at the same time.
My Oysters were excellent. Extremely fresh and of great quality. The cocktail sauce was not too spicy and the horse reddish tasted like in the old world. They were served on an ice bed and with a lemon. Simply loved it. The hand made fries were also excellent. Fresh, nicely seasoned and plenty of it.
I tried the baked Oysters with bacon and Parmesan and again was very happy with it. Real Parmesan and the right amount of bacon. Also they were not baked to total dryness.
The burger tasted very fresh. Seemed like they make them, but I did not ask , so I will not say they do. The coleslaw also tasted fresh and home made.
Only thing I did not try were the chicken strips, but the person who ordered them said they were very good and I will settle for that.
Had a different local beer after the first one and it was as good if not better than the other one.
While Alicia picked up the dishes , we ordered the check and then enjoyed the atmosphere and the view of the town. Really liked the feel of this old town .
Alicia did not take very long to bring the bill. I used the time to check out the bathroom. There is only one of them. One for all. No problem in my mind and it seemed to not bother anyone. It was clean and simple.
I then checked out the inside bar area and the second dining room. Both are cozy and also bring over a nice atmosphere.
Overall I was excited that we found this place and we will for sure go back there and spend some time trying beer and some more food.
The food is very good, service was great, prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is nice. If you come to Biloxi and want to get away from the Casino Buffets and bars, The Ole Biloxi Fillin Station would be a great choice.