Friday, December 6, 2013

Practice round at Capris Isle in Venice, Florida

Long week of work behind me. Not much time for any practice. That is not ideal, but feeling good and a good rhythm is present. This year is over and we are already planning for next year. Looks like a couple more partners will be on board to help go to the next level. It is nice to find people who believe. Most players you spend time with and are not playing as good as they think they can, try to talk your game down as well and for most people successfully so. Luckily what people talk around me does not mean anything to me. Funny, that the pros I play with or the Amateurs in the scratch to plus range confirm my ability consistently :). Now there is a sign. Well today we will play Capris Isle in Venice. A course I have never played. Seems to be a skins game which we can be part of. My main purpose today is mapping the course. So , the game in itself is secondary to a point. I want to play well. But Mainly I want to take a good look at the fairways, greens and possibly take some notes. I will avoid side games and just pay for the skins. I want to be prepared for tomorrow morning. When you do not have much practice time, it is extremely important to make a plan. As a matter of fact, there is players who over practice and do not have a game plan at all. A mistake often done by amateurs and I agree, something hard to get rid off when you do it for years. Course management is a crucial point and if you do it well you can safe yourself a ton of strokes and troubles.

Spoke with a LPGA caddy a few weeks ago and he told me that ability and swing are the foundation, but that the work he does is the final touch. Walking the course. Looking for things, mapping, checking and so on. I do not have a caddy, although he offered that I can call him any me next year and he would caddy for me in the area to help me getting started. My plan for next year is not yet developed. Mainly because I am not at the handicap level I need to be to play other tournaments. 2 or lower is the number I need to have and I am not there. I am not far away, but I am not there. It will take some extra effort to get there. The good news is , I know how to do it because I played at the level before.

Once we hit the 2 mark, I will look at more tournaments to play in. I am invited to several tours who would like me to be part of them, but if I do not have a chance to win any $ I am not spending hundreds of dollars to enter. I am not even playing the local tour here for that reason. What sense does it make to spend 200 $ and not having the scoring to make the money back? I played with dozens of pros and tour pros, so there is no benefit or anything special in it for me. I might consider to play with Freddy :) , Steve or Sergio. But for now those guys are out of question LOL.

Look like I made up my mind for new clubs. Going to change my hybrids and will add a 3 W, which I currently do not have in my bag. All other things stay the same. I am very happy with my clubs.