Monday, November 25, 2013

Tech Armor Screen Protector for cellphones - how good are they? - customer review on Tech Armor Screen Protector

Tech Armor Screen protector for the HTC One
After more than a year of waiting to upgrade my phone I finally decided it is time. But this time I wanted to do a better job protecting my new device. First on the agenda: a good screen protector. Easy to install,good price and with good ratings.
I had no idea how many brands there actually are. So I started reading reviews on Amazon and all over the Internet. After about an hour of research I found that the Tech Armor screen protector was one of the better ones, if not the best one.
 Looking for a great deal, I found
what I was looking for on Amazon and ordered a 3 pack for a very good price.
Got the package in reasonable time. Nicely packed I found the 3 protector foils, cleaning towel and bubble remover as well as easy to understand instructions. All was in excellent condition. It said that I could find a video on their website to learn how to install the protector. It was not only easy to find but showed in a simple way how to do it fast and right.
I followed those instructions and it was a breeze to put it on. There is absolutely no bubble, it looks great, fits perfect and the screen functions without a problem or loss of speed. As a matter of fact, I think it is easier to operate now.
I had many others before but the Tech Armor is by far the best one I used so far. There is all kinds of prices out there for this product so I would suggest to look for sales online. Tech Armor screen protectors are excellent. A great product.
Here a couple photos and the website to read more about the company.
 Came in a nice package. Good protection. I like that it was in a good box.
Nice welcome note and the package with 3 protectors

Bubble remover and the micro fiber piece to clean it ( works great)

Easy instructions

Official website of Tech Armor

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