Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quality Inn Golf Resort in Naples - Review of 2 day stay - May 1st and 2nd

Is the Quality Inn Golf Resort a good place to stay?

That is exactly what I asked myself just a week ago and here is what I found last weekend.

In connection with a WGAT USA golf tournament in Naples I was in search for a reasonably priced hotel. There seemed to be plenty of options in town. But we decided to go with the Quality Inn Golf Resort at Golden Gate.

A few reasons let us book this hotel. Amongst them the location, price, amenities and OK reviews.

After the first round of my tournament I found the hotel easily. Just a mile and a half from I 75 and right on the main road. When I drove in to the parking lot I immediately thought that this must be an older place. The buildings looked a little dated and the area around the hotel complex was older as well.

I right away noticed that the parking lot was packed. Still I found a spot and went straight to the check in counter. The greeting I received was not too friendly. No smiles and no hello. The girl behind the counter asked briefly if I was checking in and for my name.

The check in process was fast and easy. I liked that, but at this point I did not feel to welcome. However, I was explained where my room was, where I find breakfast and that there is a restaurant and a Tiki Bar.

My room was located in the most right building of the main complex right on the golf course. Again I found that the building was pretty old.  I noticed that the entrance door to our building was not only old, but also that it closed slowly and you were able to actually leave it open. Which raised the question why there was a room key scanner to the right.

Entering the building I noticed that everything was neat and clean. A good sign. This weekend I stayed on the second floor. So in to the elevator. Old my functional and again , clean.

After entering my room I first opened the curtains to get some light in. My first impression of the room was good. The entire room looked very clean and organized. Again I noticed the age of all things. A tube TV ( which worked great), older micro wave, small fridge and a coffee machine ( which was not old).

The main room had everything you need to be there for a longer stay. All equipment was clean and worked good. The bed not only looked good, but also was comfortable.

Moved on into the bathroom , which also was very clean and well stocked. The shower cabin seemed to be new and looked inviting. I liked the shower head, which was the kind you can change settings.

Last I stepped out on my balcony. My room faced the parking lot. So my view was more like city view. Not my favorite, but really not bad at all. I guess the rooms facing the golf course were more expensive. But considering why I was there, a view was not on top of my agenda.

The building I was in was a non smoking building and my non smoking room was exactly that. The entire building had absolutely no cigarette smell.

I got settled in and then went on to explore more of the hotel.

First I went to the restaurant. This place has been around for a while. The pattern however continued. All things were old, but clean and well maintained. I went straight to the bar to get something to drink and a dinner.

The server behind the bar, Kaitlyn I believe, was a little shy but very friendly. I ordered a beer and asked for the menu. Both came right away. The menu is simple and the prices are good. I decided to try the Philly Cheese Steak with sweet potato fries.

Did not take very long to get my food as well. The sandwich was OK for the price. The beef was a little dry , but tasted good and  the fries were hot and just as I like them. I sat there for about 40 minutes. Eating and drinking a couple beers.

A few people showed up to eat, but most of the customers came in for a drink. I guess I was a little late of the dinner crowed. I paid my bill, which was much lower than I expected! and went outside to the Tiki Bar.

This place was packed. Karaoke was running and it seemed very popular. I really liked the Tiki Bar. Good size, nice setting and right by the pool. The Karaoke evening seemed to be a very popular event. There were so many people and more arrived throughout the night.

Had another drink and watched and listened for a while. Even could have gone in the pool as it was open until 10 pm. But I did not.

I was a little concerned that it would be too loud to fall asleep once I was in bed. But I was wrong. Once in my room , I did not hear a thing from the Karaoke. Laid down and had a very good night. .

Shower cabin worked great. Love the shower head. Continental breakfast was included. So I went downstairs to check it out. They offered all you would need. Fruit, Yoghurt, cereal, toast and waffles. Orange Juice, Milk. Did not look too bad.

Since I was there to play a tournament I checked out the other breakfast. A buffet with hot foods for an extra 10 $. It was in the same room, just on the other side.

There was bacon, sausage, potatoes, country gravy, toast and fruits. Also you could get all the other stuff. I paid the 10 $ and had a good breakfast. The sausage was the best part of the warm items. I still think that 5 $ would have been more appropriate for an extra charge. After all I paid for the continental with the room. But I liked the food and the services was again friendly.

The second evening I did not have dinner in the hotel. But I saw they offered a Prime Rib Buffet. For 29.99 $ you got Prime Rib , Chicken Masala and some sides. But because I did not eat it, I will not write or comment about it. I only had a beer inside and then went to the Tiki Bar again.

Another Karaoke team was working this time. It was not that busy. Again I liked the setting and had another drink and watched and listened. I really liked how fast the servers were. There was no wait and they constantly were looking around to make sure that everybody had something to drink.

I had another very good night sleep that night. Sunday morning was my check out. This time I tried the continental breakfast. It was sufficient and just what you expect from the offer.

Check out was fast and easy again. This time the girls behind the counter were friendlier and also smiled.

I travel a lot. Stay in 1 star hotels and in 5 star hotels. Resorts, Casinos, Roadside Motels and so on. Not every person can smile and be perfect every day and every moment. So I will not put too much weight on the smiling part. Nobody was unfriendly at any time.

Overall : The Quality Inn Golf Resort would be a place I would stay again. Maybe not my first choice, but for sure it is an option if you are on the road and need a decent room.

The rooms were clean and functional. The entire hotel looked clean and well maintained. The service was overall friendly. The restaurant was old, but the food was good for the price. The pool and the ho tub were in good shape and I liked the Tiki Bar. Nice place to hang out and meet people.

I did not play golf there, so no word on that. If I ever do, I will add some words.

Considering all the reviews I read before staying at the Quality Inn Golf Resort, it exceeded my expectations.

Have you stayed at the The Quality Inn Golf Resort?