Monday, September 2, 2013

Sharky's on the Pier in Venice , Florida - How nice is it? short visit review

Sharky’s on the Pier, 1600 Harbor Drive South, Venice, FL 34285

Pretty much every Saturday I am playing golf at Lake Venice Golf Club. Everytime I drive there I see on my right hand side the sign for Sharky’s on the Pier.

Last Saturday, August 31st that was, I decided to stop by. Check out at least the outside bar. I did not want food , as I had something to eat at the Lake Venice Golf Club ( I shall write about that in a yet different article).

I stopped on my way home and for the first time saw how big the parking lot actually is. It was super sunny and there were plenty of people out there.

All looked nice and in order driving in. Right of the parking lot you find 2 hostess stands. There you can sign in if you are there to eat and want to be seated. However, on that day I did not want either. So I said high and I got a very friendly hello back. Both girls were smiling.

Behind that was a little kiosk with things to buy. All kinds of stuff which I did not look any further at. So I waked towards the restaurant and liked it right away. If you want to get on the pier, you have to walk through it. Nicely done I must say.

It was very busy everywhere and since there was not a seat at the bar, I thought to check out the pier first. I walked up there and I loved it.

This is the view towards the South from just the beginning of the pier. It looked really nice.

View towards the restaurant from the pier. Nice view of Sharky’s on the Pier.

I enjoyed looking at the water, fish and the pelicans feeding.

After a few minutes I went back, looking forward to have a beer or two. Got lucky right away and on the round bar right at the entrance I found a spot. I went for a local brewery Oktoberfest beer.

The beer was cold, glas was full and the server was fast. Not that he was very friendly or smiling. But he took the order and I had it like half a minute later. The price was 5.00 $. I thought it was ok. When you think of the location and the name. It actually was fair. I had beers for 5 $ in bars which I thought they should charge 1 $.

However, I was sitting there enjoying the view and talking to my neighbor, a nice retiree from Florida.

View from the bar at Sharky’s on the Pier in Venice, Florida

I did not eat anything during this visit, so I will update this blog as soon as I will be there eating a snack or even a full dinner.

But for now , I have to say, that Sharky’s on the Pier in Venice is a nice place which is well worth a visit for a drink and a walk on the pier. There is plenty of wonderful beach to just lay in the sun or play with your kids. You can fish of the pier or just have a drink at the bar.

They are building a brand new building and expand the complex. One thing, if you think that this construction might bother you, you need to wait.

I know , that next Saturday I will be back there and enjoy the view and a cold beer.

There is also three videos which I made and put it on my youtube channel.  Just follow the link below.


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