Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Is it safe to sell and buy on Craigslist?

Over the past years of working on the Internet and successfully selling products, private and for business, I gained great experience on how to do it and where to do it.

There is plenty of sales channels you can put your private stuff on for sale or you can offer your services and products from your business.

One of the biggest ones without a doubt is Craigslist.

I sold many items on Craigslist and also offered services on this website. Not one single time was I disappointed or not successful doing it.

Here is what I really liked about Craigslist:

1. It is free!

If you want to sell or advertise you can do so without spending a dime. Paid services might be available, but you are not obligated to pick any of them. Even photos are for free.

2. It is huge!

Craigslist is available almost anywhere in the World. Although Craigslist encourages you to advertise, sell and buy local, you have the option to go global and buy and sell all over. I just recently was on vacation in WA state and sold items from there although I am from Florida. It was not a problem. Craigslist asks you to confirm postings with your email to make sure it is  you and not somebody using your data.

3. It is simple !

This website is super easy to use. Signing up takes a few minute and you are ready to go. Posting items is a breeze. Categories are easy to pick and they have a lot of options. Photos can be uploaded easily and the server speed is great.

4. It is safe

Despite the fact , that was incidents involving people buying and selling on Craigslist, it is pretty much up to you how safe you want it to be.
When I advertise I am very detailed but never give out personal information. When I post photos I make sure they show the item and nothing personal which could tell about me or my location.
I always chose the option of anonymous contact. Meaning, that people who are interested in what I have or offer can only contact me through a private Craigslist email.  That gives me an opportunity to decide if I want to answer the email or not. Follow your gut feeling.

5. It works

I sold all kinds of things on Craigslist. Offered services and successful found some extra work. Family members found garages for their car and even homes for rent or to buy.

How do you start using Craigslist?

Here is the best way to get started and learn how to work with Craigslist.

1. Read all info about the site and its regulations first. Make sure you understand what they allow, what they do not and what the rules are.

2. Sign up and get your own account.

3. Browse advertisements and learn what is out there and how it is written. You can follow ads for days or weeks just to see how they do and if they come back.

4. Find something in your house, make take a picture and posted. See how it goes. If you get any messages etc.

5. If you do get responses, read them carefully. There is lots of spam out there. If something does not sound right, it probably is not. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Take your time and if necessary ready in forums to gather more info.

6. Make sure you always meet in public places. I usually meet at Best Buy , Groceries stores or whatever. This ensures more safety for you and the other party. Do not take unnecessary risks.

7. Take cash only. Especially in the beginning you do not want to take checks or Credit Cards. Over time you can work on implementing those features.

8. If advertising in the personal section , pay special attention. There is a ton of people out there who simply want your money. Read up in one of the forums to learn more about it. You will receive a ton of interesting emails  which tell you that you won millions of dollars, that you can make money fast and much more. Often you will receive links to click on which then lead to paysites. Just pay attention and work with common sense.

Craigslist can be a great place to sell and buy and to meet or connect with business people. All you need to do is follow some simple rules, trust your instincts, do nothing you would not do otherwise.

I certainly will continue to sell and buy through this website.

Questions or comments? Keep it clean and share your experiences.

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