Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA - Second visit short review update

Himitsu Sushi and Teriyaki in Bothell, WA

You will find my first review about this Himitsu Teriyaki shop.
Just go through my blog and find the first entry.
In my first entry I explained how we found it, how it looks like and how we were greeted there.

I was so happy with this place, that I decided to bring my parents there to have lunch with us.
That is exactly what we did Thursday August 8th 2013. After a short round of golf we showed up at the Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki .

Again all look good from the outside. Clean and inviting. We were greeted by the same nice lady and I even introduced my mother to her, which made her even more smile.
We were assigned the same table as we had a few days ago.

This time I wanted to try something else for lunch and decided to go with the chicken and beef combo. So did Christiane.My parents ordered the chicken Teriyaki. We ordered the Egg Rolls as appetizer again.
Also we went with the same drinks.

It only took a few minutes to get the appetizer and the Egg Rolls were as good as the first time. Hot, fresh and tasty.

Shortly after we got the Terriyaki.

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA Chicken and Beef Teriyaki Combo

It looked great yet again and the taste was as good or better then a few days before this day.
My parents were surprised by the size of the platter and what was on it. We ate for a while and we could finish it, but my parents had to take a box to take some leftover home.

After paying I explained the lady that I am in Florida and hope to see her next time. Thanked her for the great experience and she thanked me for coming in.

Outside we all agreed, that it was a great lunch with great food and that we would come back again if we are here and in the area.

I am excited to report , that I visited this place 2 times and both times the quality and service were excellent. Which confirms what I wrote in my first more comprehensive review.

The Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA is one of the best Teriyaki places I have been to in many years and I hope I can come back when I am in the area again. If you have the chance, stop by and if you try something new or Sushi, please. comment or let us know.

You will find the menu we saw in the review from earlier.
Thank you very much for stopping by.

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