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Himitsu Sushi and Teriyaki in Bothell, Washington - One of the best Teriyaki places in Bothell and area that I know

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA

Living in Florida is the best thing we managed to make happen in years. The sun, the lifestyle, the golf and much more. But there is one thing which I am truly missing. Good Teriyaki places where you can get a quick chicken Teriyaki or something similar for a decent price.

Lucky for me we planned a  2 week vacation in Washington State, where I was living for 15 years. A state, where it seems, there is a Teriyaki shop on every corner. You can see them everywhere. All shapes and sizes with all kinds of offers.
Back then I used to go and have lunch and sometimes even dinner. The specials were as low as 3.99 $ for the lunch special. I am fully aware of those days being gone.
One of my goals being in Washington State was to eat Teriyaki at least 3 times. I will report about the first time in a different short review. In this little article I want to report about a place which in my mind is the best Teriyaki Place I have visited in years and the best I know in Bothell, WA.

Himitsu Sushi and Teriyaki.

We were looking for a Teriyaki place for an early dinner (4 pm). While driving towards Bothell, Christiane saw a sign and said I should pull in here.  The restaurant is located at the end corner of a small strip mall  with easy access from the main road or from the cross road . Driving up to the place It already looked pretty new from the outside, inviting and clean.   
Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA  entrance and parking
 As we entered the restaurant we immediately were greeted with a smile by a lady who made as feel very welcome and directed us to a table, asking if that table would be OK for us.  
Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA entrance with some of the menu photos

The inside was furnished with modern tables and chairs but with a Japanese feel to it. They had white paper lights with Japanese decor above every table. On one side they  displayed their sushi menus on the wall including great photos of every platter and on the other wall there was pictures of all kinds of other menu items. On every table there was a little tray with soy sauce, Teriaki sauce, salt, pepper, hot sauce. Everything looked very clean, organized and inviting. 

I also liked the Sushi bar. Although I did not have any Sushi, I took a good look at the bar. Fresh fish was clearly visible. All in nice big pieces and clearly not frozen fish. Everything was clean and organized. 

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki Bothell, WA Sushi Bar on right and Cash register, kitchen in back

First the lady came and asked what we would like to drink. We both ordered Pepsi Light and then took a good look at the menu. I liked the menu as it was easy to ready and not overloaded. When she came back with two large bottles of Pepsi we were asked if we were ready to order.

On that day we decided to try the Gyoza appetizer, the Egg roll appetizer and 2 Chicken Teriyaki. When I placed the order we were told that there is a combo available which would  be a better price. But I told her that I would like to have more chicken. With a smile she agreed and took the order.

The food was served after about 8 minutes. First we were served the Gyoza and the Egg rolls. ( I do not have a photo of the Gyoza but of the Egg Rolls).

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA Egg rolls

Both looked delicious and that is also the correct word for the taste of both items. They were hot, not fatty and came with the right sauce. About 3 minutes into the appetizer the chicken Teriyaki was served. It came with a big salad and two balls white rice. The food was presented on a square plate. With the salad being on the left, chicken bottom middle to right and the two rice balls above chicken. It looked great. 

Himitsu Sushi & Teriyaki in Bothell, WA Chicken Teriyaki Meal

Everything was fresh, hot and tasted absolutely fabulous. The salad had a fresh light dressing. It tasted a little like yogurt. The chicken was grilled but still juicy and had a perfect amount of Teriyaki sauce on it.  The rice tasted great as well. It was not to dry and not to sticky.

We ate everything. The plates were completely empty.

The prices were great . The chicken Teriyaki was $6.50, 2 large Egg rolls were 3.25 $ and the Gyoza was 2.50 $ ( 5 pieces with pork and vegetables).

They provided exceptional customer service. When we ordered the appetizers Gyoza and Egg Rolls and chicken Teriyaki the waitress pointed out that we could save by ordering the chicken Teriyaki combo witch includes Gyoza and Egg Rolls as well. Throughout the meal they checked that we always had what we needed and made sure that everything was okay. Every time they spoke to us they had a smile on their face.

Overall , Himitsu Sushi and Teriyaki in Bothell, WA is a great place to go and enjoy a good authentic Teriyaki meal in a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

We will go there again and recommend it to everyone. Below you find the photos of the menu which we had available. Check it out.

As always we will write updates or comments when we go there again. So keep checking back.



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