Sunday, April 27, 2014

Krazy Lobster Beach Bar Cafe and Restaurante - Costa Maya Mexico

Finally we made it on a cruise again. I did not write much about our cruising yet, but the stop we made on the costa maya in Mexico motivated me to begin.
The Norweign Epic stopped at Costa Maya as part of the 7 day trip we booked this time. While doing my research online I did not find too much about this location. So I decided to just go on land and see what happens.

I will get into the cruise terminal later. We took a cab van to town. 3$ gets you to the little village right on the water. You find a board walk with a ton of on the beach bars which offer food, beer, massages and more.

While walking along you get invited a lot and everybody has great offers. Naturally they all say they have the best deal. That is where Pepe approached me. Very friendly guy. Professional and business like.

He told me about his offer. 5$ for 5 Corona, free WiFi and free tequila when if I would eat. Sounded great and with handshake I told him I will be back for sure. About 30 min later , after walking the beach and some shopping we returned to the Krazy Lobster.

Pepe was pretty happy to see us again. I told I will be back. We got a table in the shade. Beautiful view on the water. The tables were simple plastic tables like the ones you would find in old italian cafes or so. Simple chairs. All right in the sand. Perfect.

We ordered the 5 for 5 deal. Took a while to get it. So be patient. You will get 5 little Coronas. A fair deal. Served cold on ice. We had a regular Corona and a Negra Modelo after that. Fairly priced at 3$. We did not eat but the food I saw commie to other tables looked pretty good.

I was not able to get the WiFi going at the table. However I found out I had the wrong password. We met nice people from our and other ships. It was a nice stay. 17$ for 9 beers was ok with me and for the friendly service our server earned a nice tip.

On the way out I got the free Wi-Fi going and Pepe came personally to thanki us for comingq bac

If you ever make it to Costa Maya in Mexico you need to take the taxi to the village and stop by at the Krazy Lobster. It is a ni e place living up to the promise of Pepe . I for sure will be back there when coming back.

I am sure there is other places whi h are good and. Lean. But there was no second Pepe who just transmitted the right vibe
Krazy Lobster at Costa Maya: I think a cool place

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