Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Behr Deckover Paint - how good is? Is it easy to apply?

We bought a very old porch home some years ago. At that point we thought we will do some work on it but did not have an immediate plan. Thought we just go day by day.

One thing we always wanted to do  or redo was the porch. I am pretty sure the wood on the porch was the original. The wood itself felt fine. It was the paint on it which we did not like.

It was coming of and was used and dirty. So after waiting for a few years we decided to get it done. First step. Research.

What you are looking for is a paint which covers, fills small cracks, is durrable, easy to apply and for a price which is affordable.

After some research online I came up with two different products. 1. Restore, sold at Lowe's and 2. Behr Deckover Paint, a Home Depot product .

It took me only a couple hours of reading reviews to make a decision. Behr Deckover came out ahead on pretty much all aspects. As a Lowes guy I was not too thrilled about it. Behr is sold at Home Depot. However , the reviews were clear.

We picked up a brochure with color chart to see what color we like. It turned out to be a darker green. So we got the paint one day and a cleaning product to wash of the dirt,oil and whatever was on there.

I had the product but was not able to start the project for another 4 weeks. If you plan to do it, make sure you buy the paint the day or so before you want to do it. When I opened the cans I found that the solid part of this special paint settled at the bottom of the can. It took me 10 min each to stir it up good enough to work with it.

But first you need to prepare the surface you want to cover. Sweep it and wash it of with the special cleaner.

The cleaner, which was from Behr as well worked good. Looked like it took a ton of dirt of.

They say it dries fast but it took the entire night. Weather might have been a factor.

I only had a brush and  4 small rollers.  I bought small rollers because the way our old porch looked and I figured it will be easier to apply the product. Which it was.

First I did all the edges with my brush. The paint was very easy to apply with the brush. Next I filled bigger cracks and other uneven spots just as they described on the can. I let it dry for a couple hours. Then I rolled the entire porch pretty thick. Let it dry over night and rolled it again the next day.

It looked very nice and even. I let it dry and cure for another 3 days. Wanted to make sure it is all set to go.

The porch looks great, feels great in my opinion Behr Deckover Paint did exactly what it promised. It covered everything nicely, was very easy to apply, covered more than it said on the can and feels great on you bare feet.

We now put our things like table , chairs and BBQ back on the porch. For the next 6 months or so  we will use it and clean it often. After that I will write a comment on how it worked out.

So far Behr Deckover Paint lived up to my expectations and I would call it a great product to be used to revive your deck or porch. Come back to this blog in 6 months or so and I will write a comment with a short update.

What was your experience with Behr Deckover Paint?

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  1. It now has been close to one year since I put Behr Deckover Paint on our porch floor and I am still excited. We use our porch a lot and we walk on it with all kinds of shoes. We BBQ on it and so on and so on. Behr Deckover Paint did the job well and still looks pretty good. It feels pretty good and I do not see any reason to put a new coat on for a while. I am excited to report, that this paint lives up to my expectations and that I would recommend it to anyone at any time.