Sunday, June 9, 2013

Welcome to reviews about anything by just a regular guy

I made it a point in my life to read reviews about items before I buy my next thing or before I stay at a hotel and so on.
What I found, that there is thousands of reviews out there which are biased, unclear, old and clearly not written by people who actually used the product or tried a service.
While I am also using Google and other sites to support my blog, all of the products and services I review I used and tried. Also I am writing updates if there is something to add. On top of that, you can communicate with me and actually ask questions or comment and you will receive an answer. I am always interested in learning. So if you have a productive comment you are welcome to post it. But I do monitor comments. Negative comments are only tolerated if they are also productive, which is at my discretion.
My goal is to write a short and simple review of all kinds of products and services. 1000 reviews will be my set goal on this blog alone. This will include products of all kinds, services, hotels, companies and much more. So enjoy and let me know if my reviews helped you to make a decision which had some positive impact.

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