Saturday, June 29, 2013

DVD Tower Benno - short review about the DVD Tower Benno which I bought at IKEA

DVD Tower Benno - from IKEA

I bought the DVD tower Benno in the color black-brown for my DVDs and Cd's at Ikea in Tampa, FL. It was a referral of a German friend who bought the same item at Ikea in Germany.
I was a little sceptic if I can put it together myself. But it was not a problem at all. The instructions that came with it were clear and easy to understand, everything was described simple, just easy to follow. I especially liked the fact that there were images which showed me where to put everything.
In the box I found everything I needed to put it together like panels, screws and the pins for the shelves. Nothing was missing. I only had to have two different screwdrivers and a hammer.
Parts are actually marked, so you can not miss anything at all.
A very good feature of the Tower Benno  is that you have a lot of options where to put the 10 single case boards and you can move them when you need different space heights at different times.
All together it is a nice and decorative piece of furniture of good quality, easy to put together and in my mind it looks like more  than I had payed for.
I think that the DVD Tower Benno will last me for a while and with all the media we have I even consider to buy another one like it. The price of 39.99 $ I believe is justified ( sales might apply, you can also get it online). Make sure, that you buy it through IKEA. I found prices for up to 119 $ for the exact same item at different online retailers. For measurements and other technical facts, please visit the official IKEA website.

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