Wednesday, July 30, 2014

HTC One Mobile Phone - short review

When I say short, I mean short.
I first worked in the cellular phone business in 1996. Selling hundreds of phones with plans from different providers.
My market was residential as well commercial. In those years you needed to know as much as possible about your phones and your providers and I was a master in learning about phones  and then getting the right phone in the hands of my clients.
Times have changed and phones became more than just that. Over the past 4 years I tried all kinds of phones. All Android software, all smartphones. I liked them all and was satisfied.
Then I bought the HTC One. By far the best piece I owned so far.
Flat, stylish, metal look. This phone simply looks good.
Thew battery life is super. Depending on your usage it might be different to mine. Using all day for work including internet etc I get 24 hours . When using it as a phone only I easily had 2 full days. Naturally I expected the battery life to get shorter and it did. But nothing so significant that it would be worth to write about too long. In all I am satisfied.
I am not a tech geek. But from what I understood at the time of my purchase, the phone had the most current software available as operating system. Thinking about the speed of this phone when working with the apps and programs I have only good things to say. Compared to my old phone the HTC was lightening fast. In regards to what was on my pbone as pre installed applications, I had everything I needed to get my social and business work done. Over time I added applications and with Google Play it was a breeze to do so.
I guess there is authors who go into much more technical details or write lengthy books about the HTC filled with info which only means something to certain people.
For the normal and regular cell phone user I can say the following.
The HTC Smartphone is the best phone I had so far. It is easy to set up and operate, has more than sufficient battery life, looks great and is very durable. Getting it with a contract will bring the price to 99$ or less. That makes it affordable for most of us.
I am positive that if there is no comparable model available when my contract runs out I will get the same phone again.
The HTC One is a great phone for business and social use alike.

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  1. I have my phone for a long time now and I am still satisfied with it's functionality. Never really had a problem with anything. One thing which is odd at times is that the battery goes empty very fast on certain occasions. First I thought it might be apps or lots of usage. But mainly it actually happens during the night. That led me to the conclusion that it might be connected to software updates initiated by Verizon. It does not happen that often, so I am not concerned at all. Only one time I had an issue because I did not see that the battery was low and took of to work. The HTC Phone remains my favorite phone so far. My next upgrade will not be due until December. Plenty of time to look at new phones or to decide if I stay with the same model.