Monday, February 17, 2014

Fremont Casino Hotel Las Vegas - Paradise Buffet - review of the buffet

When in Vegas we always like to try all kinds of restaurants and places. It is fun to find new spots to eat and drink. Yesterday we decided to show the old Las Vegas to family and friends who where never there before. The experience of the lightshow is a completely new story. After we watched it we were hungry and decided to eat before we go back to the strip. There are plenty of offers. Great deals. Seafood, buffets and so on and so on. We tried to get in to Tony Roma's. But the waiting time was 1 hour and that was too long. This was mainly because of the lobster and steak deal which, for 11.99 is unbelievable. Then we saw, that in the same hotel, The Fremont, they had the Paradise buffet and on that day the Prime Rib offer for 14.99. Sounded like a great deal and we went in. The restaurant is very old but gives you kind of a feeling like being in Vegas in the 60s. No doubt that was a glamorous spot then. First impression was OK. We were seated and placed our drink order. Soft drinks got to our table fast. The beer took 15 min. But it was OK. We had some before. I started right away to check things out. Just do a walk by to see what is available. After all what can you expect for that price if Prime Rib is included? The salad bar looked OK and with a basic selection to mix your own salad as well as some ready salads. I am not a huge salad fan and did not have any. However it all looked fresh and the bar was clean and well kept. I moved on to the little Sushi counter. About 5 different kinds of rolls. They looked OK. Nothing fancy. Taste was OK as well and the ginger was fresh. That was all I had as an appetizer. The Italian corner looked OK as well. Had Spaghetti there as well as some chicken, meatballs and veggies. I tried the spaghetti. Tomato sauce and some meat balls. The noodles were good. The tomato sauce was just that. Not much taste other than tomato. Meat balls did not have much taste but were not bad either. Next I tried the Korean chicken, which was outstanding. As I had some great prime rib before we went there I did not have any this time. It looked good and I am sure it was the best item on the menu. For the price you pay, the food is OK and the selection sufficient. The place itself was old. You can see that they do not much to it. The area we were sitting in was right next to the service station were the servers brought the dishes and so on. So it was busy. The servers however seemed to be in a good mood and that lifted the overall atmosphere. Floor was not clean. Mostly a result of having an old carpet all over the sitting area.
In all I was satisfied and if in the area , I would go there again. When you spend time in Old Vegas, are hungry, find no quick solution and want to watch your dollar. The Paradise Buffet at the Fremont Casino Hotel might be a good option. I certainly liked the 2 $ Coronas. If you have been there, comment if you like. Keep it  objective.

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